Hello, so you are interested in being a Good Story Mentor. Great!

Good Story helps young creative and/or dyslexic entrepreneurs in the UK turn their business ideas from a dream into a reality.

We are always looking for talented creative professionals who  want to  share your expertise with our talented young entrepreneurs.

You call always give Carolyn Peers a call on 07766 750 762 or email carolyn.peers@goodstory.org.uk  -  happy to tell you more about Good Story and our mentoring programme.
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Have you had a mentor? If yes, what did you learn from the experience?

What sort of business(es) would you like to get involved in?

Do you have any knowledge of/experience in dyslexia support?

Are you interested in specialist dyslexic support/mentoring?

If you are matched with a suitable mentee can you commit to minimum of 2 hours at 6 weekly intervals over a 12 month period?

Do you have any restrictions on when you would be able to start mentoring?

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